The activities in the B station are more progressive in crossing the midline and in difficulty.

Remember to keep your child/children engaged and challenged to their maximal level.

You will need a hoola hoop for each child for the A station. If a child feels unsteady while jumping in and out of their hoola hoop, hold their hands.

If a child is feeling unsafe on a therapy ball while completing the ball bounce during the A station, have him/her sit on a peanut ball and bounce as much as he/she can. Have the child straddle the peanut ball like sitting on a horse.

During the elbow knee tap during the B station, step in and physically guide the child to complete it if they are struggling to do it by watching you. Also during ‘shadow boxing’ on the wobble cushion you may need to physically guide the child’s hands/arms so they are fully crossing the midline. Get them started and you will likely find that they can continue on. Make sure to quietly encourage watching the hands with the eyes.

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