Strong Hands for Schools

Strong Hands(TM) & Strong Tummies(TM) Program for schools.*** Includes a FREE printable colour hand strengthening home exercise program for your pupils!***

-Do you have pupils who are struggling to grip a pencil or crayon, to cut properly or to sit upright for a whole class without slumping over the desk?

-Would you like to boost hand and core strength in all of pupils by up to 30% or more [see TCD study] plus core strength by 30%+?

-Would you like to access a simple ‘press and play’ set of videos for your classroom whiteboard which can be used for WHOLECLASS daily movement breaks?

Use  the Brenda Cassidy OT ‘ Strong Hands & Strong Tummies Programs to boost strength, improve concentration & self confidence!

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Price: 110.682 (Introductory Offer)


Best wishes,

Brenda Cassidy 

OT & Sensory Educator