Dear Parent,

Please email with your name and phone number, and tell me a little bit about your child,

Brenda will get back to you and get you started with her expert guidance.

If your child has been struggling with attention, sensory issues, behaviour, anxiety or is generally ‘low’ and disengaged, this program may bring positive changes.

But you must follow it carefully as I have outlined it.

Make sure to read the ‘disclaimer‘ and ‘Frequently Asked Questions‘ sections before you begin.

Also, from one parent to another please have faith in yourself that you can do this with your child. I have taught thousands of people to do it- it really is that easy! Always remember- positive thoughts bring positive results and negative thoughts bring negative results!

Finally, this program is for your use only and making copies/sharing with others is illegal. I have spent many years developing my programs so please be mindful that I have to make a living too!

I hope you enjoy the training for the Braincalm Program™- please feel free to email me with feedback or questions. I love to hear about all of the great results.

If you are not ‘tech savvy’ and are a little nervous about learning the program with me online- please don’t worry! The videos are short and very easy to follow. I have even provided pages for you to download to so you can use them as a guide to get going.

To get access to the Braincalm Program™ please contact Brenda Cassidy by email It may change your child’s life and yours too.

Best wishes,

Brenda Cassidy, 

OT & Sensory Educator