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Braincalm Wholeclass has been specifically designed for mainstream teachers who are interested in creating the optimum learning environment for the entire class.

Developed by Brenda Cassidy, Braincalm Creator, Braincalm Wholeclass Breaks enables the whole class to reach a place of calm and openness to learn. Dealing with variances in concentration levels in the classroom, higher levels of anxiety, diagnosed ADD or ADHD can mean that the teaching team can spend most of their time managing the class instead of teaching. With Braincalm Wholeclass Breaks, the entire class is put through a series of exercises that promote relaxation and a readiness to learn.

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Braincalm for Schools

Thank you for purchasing the Braincalm™  Program for schools & preschools. You are about to take a simple and straightforward journey with your pupils that may well change how the school or preschool functions.

If some of your pupils have been struggling with attention, sensory issues, behaviour, anxiety or in a generally ‘low’ and disengaged manner, this program may bring positive changes.

But you must follow it carefully as I have outlined it. ** Total time to complete the Braincalm™ Program training is generally 2 to 3 hours. 

  1. Make sure to read the ‘Disclaimer‘ and ‘Frequently Asked Questions‘ sections before before you begin. Please be familiar with the children who will benefit from Braincalm™ but also those who ARE NOT SUITABLE.
  2. Watch all of the videos. Read all of the PDF documents & manual. Complete the QUIZ (it is an ‘open book style quiz’ but you must answer all questions correctly) and congratulate yourself when you receive your certificate which will be automatically generated for you. You have joined the elite group of ‘Braincalm™ PRACTITIONERS’.
  3.  Only those who have received a certificate are permitted to run Braincalm’™ sessions in the school. Please note that it is illegal for a practitoner to train another staff member. Any staff member who practices the program MUST complete this course and be certified. There are safety issues which are covered in the training and they MUST be adhered to.
  4. Print off a TRACKER form for each child who is chosen for the Braincalm™ Program. You will need a new tracker sheet for each block. The tracker will help you and the class teacher keep a weekly note of changes observed in the child. Keep a Braincalm™ folder in the classroom for the pupil. The parental consent form is only a sample. Use it as a guide. The school must send their own consent form out to the parent on their own headed paper.
  5. Read the QUICK START GUIDE and order/gather all equipment needed.*** PLEASE NOTE: Ikea no longer stock the balance bench shown. A 4 inch wide x 2 inch high & 5 foot long plank of wood may be used to get started. However we recommend that you ask a carpenter to make a bench for you that is 4 inches wide, 1 foot (12 inches) high and 5 feet long. If a child is higher off the ground while crossing the beam- they need to concentrate more and success of the program will be greater.
  6. Please follow these ‘’GOLDEN RULES’’ for every Braincalm™ session.
    The golden rules: The Braincalm™ Program is really easy to run. However how you complete it will determine the success in regulating your pupils.

    1. Practitioner: Regulate Yourself!
      If you are stressed your pupils will absorb it from you and may not be able to relax during the session.
    2. Please leave any prior thoughts or assumptions that you have about a particular student outside of the Braincalm™ room and remember the child’s behavior in class or in yard may be due to issues beyond his or her control. You may well see a different child after they have completed one or more sessions.
    3. Use minimal words , directions and even praise during the Braincalm™ session. This is important as the child will have to continually process the sound of your voice and will not be able to get into a deep state of ‘calmness & organisation’ in their brain! Use a quiet voice and very few directions. Some Braincalm™ practitioners create their own picture cards to direct children (this can also work for non verbal pupils) and run the session in near silence.
    4. The pupils may be more dysregulated for the first few days of completing Braincalm™. This is normal. They are doing a daily activity that is ‘out of the norm for them’, maybe with a staff member they do not know and with other children who are not in their classroom. It may take 3 to 5 sessions for the pupils to get into routine and to settle.
    5. Once you have become a certified ‘Braincalm™ Practitioner’ you may join the closed Facebook group where you will have access to lots of support and ideas around taking a variety of pupils through the program. Go to – look for ‘groups’ and request membership. You will gain lots of support and new ideas from other practitioners around the world and in a variety of educational settings. (** You MUST hold a certificate of completion in order to join the closed facebook group.) 
    6. From one educator to another please have faith in yourself that you can do this with your pupils. I have taught thousands of people to complete Braincalm™- it really is that easy! As long as you follow the ‘Golden Rules’, complete the program as outlined and complete it 5 days a week you should start seeing some great results in about 80% of pupils. Always remember- positive thoughts bring positive results and negative thoughts bring negative results! If in doubt go back to your ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ or ask a question in the closed FB group.
    7. Finally, this program is for your school’s use only and making copies/sharing with others is illegal.If a staff member who is certified in Braincalm™  moves to another school – that school MUST PURCHASE A LICENCE.

I hope you enjoy the training for the Braincalm™ Program. Please feel free to email me with feedback or questions. I love to hear about all of the great results and am happy to help you in any way through the closed FB group.

Best wishes,

Brenda Cassidy, 

OT & Sensory Educator

Developer & Owner of the Braincalm™ Program


Braincalm for Schools

 Braincalm™ Program Simple ‘Click & Learn’ Training for Schools & Preschools:

Welcome to the  Braincalm™ Program ‘Click and Learn’ course for school & preschool staff.

In order to practice the  Braincalm™ Program to help calm & regulate children from age 4+ in a pre school, primary or post primary schools, the school must purchase a license .The cost of the license depends on the number of users/practitioners in the school.

***Please note; only those practitioners who have received a certificate after completing an open book test are permitted to practice the Braincalm™ Program in their school.

During this course you will learn

  1.  how to complete the 24 week Braincalm™ Program in their school/preschool setting
  2.  how to decide on locations, timetabling & logistics in order to easily run the  Program Braincalm™in their setting
  3. understand the mix of children to ‘group together’ to bring through the daily Braincalm™ session
  4. the essential skills that a practitioner needs to complete a successful program
  5. how to adapt the Braincalm™ Program for pupils from an ASD or autism special class
  6. how learning support and resource teachers can use parts of the Braincalm™  Program to help pupils focus and learn better during their resource session

Preschool & school practitioners will also have access to a closed Facebook group to help support them and interact with other Braincalm practitioners in schools and pre schools throughout the world PLUS email support from Brenda Cassidy OT & Developer of the Braincalm™  Program.

** Please note: Schools/Preschools MUST legally purchase the correct number of licences for the number of practitioners in the school.

To get access to the Braincalm Program™ please contact Brenda Cassidy by email

Best wishes,

Brenda Cassidy 

OT & Sensory Educator