Introducing Brenda Cassidy’s ‘CLICK & LEARN’ Web based courses- where school & preschool staff can learn on any device in a quick and easy way.

Brenda has worked extensively with school & preschool staff and understands how busy the day can be. Many staff have said ‘Brenda, I don’t like doing online courses….I can only learn during a live training!’ She has spent years designing her simple web based courses that take away the fear of online courses! Brenda delivers the ‘CLICK & LEARN’ courses in ‘teacher speak’ so everyone can follow easily.


Click and learn courses- it’s simple! Just CLICK, WATCH, LISTEN, READ & LEARN!

  •  easy to follow courses set out in videos and reading material which is no jargon short clear simple and easy to understand
  •  programs and training information courses for preschool staff,  school heads/principals, class teachers, resource teachers, learning support teachers, special education teachers, special needs assistants and classroom assistants – even school secretaries which are designed to help understand and give practical help to children who are dysregulated or ‘out of synch’.