Welcome to ‘CLICK & LEARN’ online courses and programs for SCHOOL & PRESCHOOL STAFF

Please note: these programs and courses are designed specifically for a school or preschool setting.
Medical professionals who would like to find out more must contact Brenda directly by email: info@brendacassidy.com.

The courses and workshops work in different ways.

1. BRAINCALM Program

* Watch * Read * Learn * Complete Test * Receive Certificate * Practice!

A school must purchase an appropriate license depending on the number of people in that school who will complete Braincalm Program™ as a 15 minute A-day program with pupils and/or who use parts of the Braincalm Program™ program to help calm and focus pupils in preparation for a 1 to 1 resource session. In most facilities preschool staff, special needs assistants, special education teachers and sometimes other staff use the Braincalm Program™.

**An annual license fee 0-5 users €99, 6-10 users €149, 11-20 users €199 will apply every year

This is the only program where ALL persons using it MUST be enrolled.
• After registering your school you will need to enroll each person who will use the Braincalm Program™.
• Each practitioner must receive a certificate before they can begin using the Braincalm Program™.
• Each enrolled practitioner will have their own user name and password so they can access the Braincalm Program™ videos and materials


* Read * Watch * Learn * Do!

After a school buys the license for Funpraxia every staff member has unlimited access to the manual , videos & FUNPRAXIA physical skills building program. Please note: no certification is needed for the FUNPRAXIA course and program.Only one user name and password will be supplied to the school.

** An annual license fee of €99 will apply in order to continue using the program after 1 year

3. STRONG HANDS Press & Play Program: (includes free ‘Strong Tummies’ Program)

* Upload Video * Click * Play!

After a school buys the license for Strong Hands/ Strong Tummies all staff have unlimited access. Only one user name and password will be supplied upon registration. Any staff member is free to upload the videos onto their screen or whiteboard in the classroom so pupils can follow the exercises easily every day.

**An annual license fee will apply of €49 will apply in order to continue using the program after 1 year



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