Welcome to Courses and Programs for SCHOOLS & PRESCHOOL STAFF

Please note: these programs and courses are designed specifically for a school or preschool setting.
Medical professionals who would like to find out more must contact Brenda directly by email: info@brendacassidy.com.

Braincalm for Schools

Braincalm Program™ For Schools

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1. BRAINCALM Program

*Online Training takes approximately 2-2.5 hours to complete. All staff will use ONE USERNAME & ONE PASSWORD which is the username & password created upon purchase. Many schools/preschools organise all particpants to complete the training together in one room. This encourages discussion and practice & better learning.

*We recommend that the following equipment be available on training day so participants can practice the exercises together

yoga mats(3); 3 balls; 1 yoga ball, 2 x sets of 1kg wrist weights (or temporarily substitute with 2 x 1 kg bags of sugar) 3 round wobble air cushions; a PE bench (or skipping rope if balance beam or bench not available- this is for balance practice)

A school must purchase an appropriate license depending on the number of people (users-staff) who will practice the program immediately or in the future.

A) who will complete Braincalm ™ as a full 15 minute A-day program with pupils (usually Special Needs Assistants or Classroom Assistants)

B) and/or who use parts of the Braincalm™ program to help calm and focus pupils in preparation for a 1 to 1 resource session (usually Special Education Teachers, Resouce & Learning Support) In most facilities preschool staff, special needs assistants, special education teachers and sometimes other staff use the Braincalm Program™.

** Please make sure that you buy the licence which covers all of your staff (USERS) who wish to practice immediately OR in the future. Once you have completed the purchase the licence cannot be changed. ‘Users’ are not the children who undergo the program.

COST: Introductory Offer (until end of June 2019)  1-5 users €199       6-10 users €249      11-20 users €299

**An annual license fee (after year 1) 0-5 users €99, 6-10 users €149, 11-20 users €199 will apply every year. It is illegal to continue using the program after year 1 without a licence.

** It is illegal for any staff to practice Braincalm™ without having completed the training & received a certificate. This is due to health & safety reasons plus insurance reasons.

**In US Dollar approximately  annual license fee 0-5 users €113, 6-10 users €169, 11-20 users €226 will apply every year



Funpraxia is a short must read manual for everyone who is in contact with children with dyspraxia/DCD.

In fact many schools use the physical skills building program as a ‘structured’ one stop shop PE program!

After a school buys the license for Funpraxia every staff member has unlimited access to the manual , videos & FUNPRAXIA physical skills building program. Please note: no certification is needed for the FUNPRAXIA course and program.

COST: €149 initially

** An annual license fee of €99 will apply in order to continue using the program after 1 year

**In US Dollar approximately  annual license fee €113

3. STRONG HANDS Press & Play Program: (includes free ‘Strong Tummies’ Program)

  • Full year of 5 minute a day hand strengthening exercises & tummy strengthening where the teacher just presses ‘play’ and the children follow exercises on the whiteboard!
  • 30% + stronger hands & tummies after only 6 weeks! Which means better handwriting & better sitting!
  • Many schools use ‘Strong Hands’ & ‘Strong Tummies- 5 min core strengthening) as movement & calming breaks- right there in the classroom!

After a school buys the license for Strong Hands/ Strong Tummies all staff have unlimited access. Only one user name and password will be supplied upon registration. Any staff member is free to upload the videos onto their screen or whiteboard to use daily.

COST: €99

**An annual license fee will apply of €49 will apply in order to continue using the program after 1 year

**In US Dollar approximately  annual license fee €69