*Please read carefully before you proceed with purchase of the BRAINCALM™ Program*

From our pilot work we have ascertained that the BRAINCALM™Program helps around 80% of dysregulated children become calmer, more focused in class and at home and able to manage their own behaviour so they learn better. Results will vary depending on the child and are not guaranteed for every child.

What is the Braincalm Program™?

Braincalm Program™ is an easy to run and effective program where children with sensory issues, ASD (Autism), ADHD, anxiety & behavioural issues complete 20 minutes a day of a variety of therapy based but fun activities.

The specially designed activities which are completed in a specific order and for a specific length of time help children become calm, organise their brains and return to the classroom or to homework calm, focused, alert & ready to learn.

Which children may benefit from completing the Braincalm Program™?

The Braincalm Program™ is NOT JUST used for children in special classes. We regularly use it to help children who are in mainstream classrooms (the school staff member takes the child through the program in school or the parents complete it with the child at home).

It is NOT a replacement for therapy but it MAY help those children with the issues listed below

  • High anxiety
  • Low or sloth like behaviour in school (lying over desk, not engaging with teacher, appears to not be listening but has a ‘low arousal’ level)
  • Low mood
  • Constantly ‘shouting out’ or ‘walking about’ in class
  • Persistent fidgeters/movers/squirmers
  • Behaviour issues
  • Children with autism who have ‘sensory issues’
  • Children with ADHD
  • Children with dyslexia & dyspraxia (DCD)
  • Those who struggle with writing & sitting.

Which children are NOT suitable for the Braincalm Program™?

The Braincalm Program™ is NOT intended to build body strength (although this can be a positive by product) but it IS INTENDED to brain organise & brain calm children. So the focus for this program is on the BRAIN and not on the body.

Children must have a certain level of physical ability to take part in the Braincalm Program™ and it is up to each parent or Braincalm Program™ Practitioner in school to use their own judgement to decide if a child has the ability to take part or not.

** If a child is already receiving OT (Occupational therapy) and or PT (physiotherapy) you should consult with the therapist before starting.

In order to take part in the Braincalm Program™ the child must be able to

  • Walk without help
  • Be able to do a basic jump
  • Be able to crawl
  • Have a basic level of balance where he/she can stand on a basic cushion (even a material cushion) without help
  • Be able to walk across a piece of tape on the floor without falling over.
  • Not become excessively nauseous or dizzy when going from sit to stand or from lying down to standing
  • Have a basic ability to follow directions (verbal or non verbal)

** Please note: children with previous brain surgery, an existing brain tumour or any spinal injury or previous surgery should NOT participate in the Braincalm Program™

What results should I hope to see from using the Braincalm Program™?

Brenda has taught the Braincalm Program™ to thousands of people in Ireland. Results will vary depending on the child. Some practitioners report positive changes within a few days of starting the Braincalm Program™ and others do not see noticeable changes for a few weeks.

Every day Brenda receives emails and messages from parents and school staff who report the following:

  • Better attention to school work
  • Calmer
  • Less shouting out or talking out of turn
  • Less ‘walkabout’ in class
  • Better behaviour in class & yard
  • Better sitting & writing
  • Less fidgeting & squirming
  • More sociable with peers (especially with those in their Braincalm Program™ group)
  • Less anxiety & frustration
  • Child is better able to ‘regulate’ himself

** Please note: in rare cases we have noted that a child may become more dysregulated or ‘more highly brain fizzed’ from using the program. If this is the case please stop using the program with the child. (See the disclaimer section for further information). Sometimes in these rare cases the child will still report that they really enjoyed ‘one piece’ of the program. For example, the ball roll is very popular with almost all children. If the child cannot tolerate the entire program, consider continuing to use one activity as a sensory or movement break.

Who developed this program?

Braincalm Program™ was developed by Brenda Cassidy, OT, using longstanding therapeutic activities but she has built in techniques used in other countries such as Canada and has also included methodology she has researched & observed as being successful during her 1 year pilot study in Ireland during 2016/2017.

Brenda uses her own personal experience as a Mum of 2 sensory children (her daughter has dyspraxia & hypersensitive sensory processing disorder & her son has ‘sensory seeking’ issues) and her extensive experience working with schools and parents.

If you would like to know more about how Braincalm Program™ can bring change to your child please get in touch: brenda@brendacassidy.com. Tel: 00353 86 1766000

I’m a parent. How can I access this program?

How it works is simple, if you want to access the program as a Parent you need to buy a Parent License by clicking on the button below. This means you can use the program with your own children in the home environment. You will be brought to a page where you can pay an once off fee online. You will then get an email with your log in details so you can start straight away!

Disclaimer - Please read before you purchase

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