Braincalm Training (Online) for Class Teachers -Mainstream

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We have an exciting program for Class Teachers that will empower you with knowledge about

  1. ‘why 25% or more of pupils in mainstream classrooms are ‘out of synch’ (The Braincalm Foundations 2 hour course)
  2. empower you with simple tools (load & play videos- Braincalm Wholecalss Breaks- see below)

1.Braincalm Foundations (Online) €149- 1 licence, €139/licence for 5, €129/license for 10

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This certified 2 hour course gives you an excellent base line knowledge about the Sensory Systems and how if they are out of sync can manifest in a variety of negative or challenging behaviours such as poor attention, walking about, fidgeting, shouting out or lack of engagement in a mainstream classroom.

Tools and Skills

This course will provide you with the tools to be able to identify particular behaviours and how they are rooted in the sensory system. We will provide you the Braincalm Colour Coding System that will help you understand the Why.

If you brought your car to a garage you’d expect the mechanic to know how the engine works before beginning to fix it, in much the same why you need to know who the sensory systems works before you start implementing a solution. Makes sense right?

Please note this is a knowledge based course and is the essential precursor to all other Braincalm courses.

2.Braincalm Wholeclass Breaks- Primary School

Please note- we offer 3 SEPARATE TRAINING COURSES:

  1. for those teaching pupils age 4 to 6 years
  2. for those teaching pupils age 7 to 9 years
  3. for those teaching pupils age 10 to 12 years

(Included are 5 x 3 minute easy to follow’ load & play’ videos here pupils are guided by Brenda through specific ‘Braiancalm’ exercises. These can be inserted into the existing curriculum)

In this 2 hour certified, interactive course you will learn how childhood activities- for example hopping- has a significant impact on learning, writing, concentration and attention & much more.

Tools and Skills

We have developed a series of 5 Braincalm Wholeclass Breaks Videos for three age groups, 4-5 yrs, 7-9 yrs and 10 – 12 yrs.  These 3-4 minute simple press and play videos offer:

  • combined movement and sensory breaks for children to become calm and focused
  • opportunities to incorporate trageted exercises into areas of curriculum to help BOOST LEARNING & CONCENTRATION & REDUCE DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIOURS
  • opportunities for teacher to get involved creating calm, focus and better teaching
  • a combination of OT and Psychology brought directly INTO your classroom

Brenda has created training plus a series of 5 ‘load & play’ video breaks:

Braincalm Wholeclass Breaks 4-6 yr olds

Braincalm Wholeclass Breaks 7-9 yr olds

Braincalm Wholeclass Breaks 10-12 yr olds

Need help deciding WHICH course is best for you?

Email Caroline include your phone number & she will guide you!


Coming Soon … 

Follow up courses for new class teachers coming later in 2020 & 2021 called Braincalm Helpers.

Braincalm ‘In Class Helper’ Courses For Class Teachers :

  • Hints and tips to help the child with something going on (SGO)
  • Where do you place a child with hyper sensitive hearing in the classroom?
  • How to help the fidgeting child in the classroom
  • Build your own ‘low cost’ sensory box for your classroom
  • How to create a low cost sensory space for your classroom