Therapy for ASD (Autism), ADHD, anxiety & behavioural issuesI am Brenda Cassidy, OT, Sensory Educator, Mum of sensory children and the developer of the unique Braincalm™ Program.

The Braincalm™ program is an easy to run 15 minute a day simple but highly effective exercise program where children (from preschool age to teens) or adults with

  • poor attention/concentration
  • chronic fidgeting/moving
  • inability to regulate behaviours/emotions (self regulation)
  • ASD (Autism)
  • ADHD/Dyspraxia (DCD)/Dyslexia
  • anxiety complete a variety of therapy based but fun activities that may clear traffic ‘jams in the brain’

In Braincalm™ I have designed specific ‘brain changing’ activities which can be used by


Plus in mainstream & special education classes……

*CLASSROOM ASSISTANTS/SNAs in school (as a super charged ‘one size fits all SENSORY BREAK)

*SPECIAL NEEDS TEACHERS (Braincalm™ can be used as 5 minute ‘elements’ to boost concentration for resource/learning support sessions)

The unique Braincalm Program™ is available for Parents and Schools to buy online. Please click below to find out more.

Braincalm Program Introduction

The Braincalm™ Program (formerly ‘Regulation Stations’) is an easy to run and effective program where children with sensory issues, ASD (Autism), ADHD, anxiety & behavioural issues complete 15 minutes a day of a variety of therapy based but fun activities.

Which children may benefit from completing the Braincalm Program™?


Dysregulated children become calmer with Braincalm Program™.

*Please read carefully before you proceed with purchase of the Braincalm Program™*

Braincalm Course Buy OnlineFrom our pilot work we have ascertained that the Braincalm Program™ helps around 80% of dysregulated children become calmer, more focused in class and at home and able to manage their own behaviour so they learn better. Results will vary depending on the child and are not guaranteed for every child.